Daily Schedule The Hills School

Flexible Daily Schedule

Children are beautifulpowerfulintelligentcreativeunique and full of potential. They are whole human beings and come to us with their own ideas, values and opinions about the world. Children deserve joy, peace and time to develop their own interests and determine their own hypotheses. Children benefit when a high value is placed on free thought, creative intelligence and constructive strategies; much more so than on the direct transmission of knowledge and skills.

  8 − 9am Gradual arrival for All-Day Students  9 − 9:30am Gradual Arrival for Half-Day Students Gradual arrivals allow families to finish breakfast with less urgency at home and take the time needed with sleepy children. At school, parents make connections with other parents and nurture a happy home-to-school transition for their child. Children explore Discovery and Wonder areas and greet their friends. 9:45am Morning Meeting Communities gather to select their intentions for the day, determine jobs of service to their classroom communities, perhaps do yoga stretches and Sun Salutations, share a song or a book. Collecting eggs from our hens in the chicken coop is a favorite task. 10am Snack Family-style, with Conversations and Connections. 10:30 − 11:45am Morning Project Time Special activities occur on a rotating basis. These may include yoga, music, nature walks, garden tending, cooking, Spanish/French, wood shop, painting, and wire art. 11:00am − Noon

Lunch The children bring their own lunches. This is an important time for Conversations and Connections; teachers eat with the children and discuss children’s ongoing projects, interests and curiosities. Connections are made across ideas, projects, interests and between friends.

11:45 − Noon Community Time Discuss discoveries of the morning.  Half-day enrollees depart. Noon − 2:00 pm Quiet Time 12:30pm Chapter Book Time Children choose a comfy spot for listening and resting/napping. Soft classical music plays after Chapter Book Time during resting/napping. 1 − 2:30/3pm Afternoon Creations As children end their individual naps or resting time, they wake to a snack and may quietly paint and create or play outside while planning their afternoon Independent Learning activities with their teacher. Music, games, tricycles, parachute play, gardening, and playing in the outdoor Mud Pie Kitchen are frequent choices. 3 − 5pm Outdoor Environments & Afternoon Play Time Indoor and outdoor play time and Independent Learning/Open-Ended Project/Explorations end our time together.